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Therapists Uncut Podcast

Aug 2, 2021


Brief Summary

One of the hardest things for a person to come to terms with can be dealing with their own flaws. This week, the crew continues their conversation on self-awareness including how to recognize self-awareness, how to practice self-awareness, and learning how to trust the ongoing process of...

Jul 19, 2021


The idea of practicing self-awareness may sound easy, but it required vulnerability and can be very uncomfortable. Sh*t gets real when Nikki and Alyssa drop into personal, pivotal and vulnerable moments of personal experiences of self-awareness that still stay with them today.  


Therapists Uncut Challenge: 

Jul 5, 2021


After months of adjusting, distancing, and readjusting to State and local recommendations, it’s time for some socialization or as some may call it, the COVID Social Reintegration.  While some of us jumped right back into social events, dating, and large gatherings, others are still working through habitual...

Jun 21, 2021


In this episode we talk about:

Perfectionist tendencies can be a great motivator in helping you complete tasks or accomplish personal or professional goals, but when does perfectionism become a problem? Nikki Young and Alyssa Najera explore the layers of perfectionism including performance perfectionism, “self,...

Jun 7, 2021


Whether you’re an administrator, educator, grade school teacher or University faculty, this one’s for YOU! Despite the policies, pressures, and added layers of a pandemic, to say that you have showed up is an understatement. Thank you for your creativity, problem solving, perseverance and resilience, you...