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Therapists Uncut Podcast

Apr 26, 2021


Saying goodbye is never easy. It may be saying goodbye when you head off to college, goodbye after a breakupgoodbye to your co-workers after accepting a new job, or goodbye when you come to an end of a chapter. It’s true, goodbyes may not be easy or comfortablebut life sure is full of them. Join the...

Apr 19, 2021


After watching The Social Dilemma, a documentary film released on Netflix in September 2020, the Therapists Uncut team found themselves in deep conversation about the intended and unintended impact of social media. In this episode, the Therapists Uncut Team explores the double-edge sword of social media including...

Apr 5, 2021


To Get or Not to Get the F*** out of Dodge

Episode Show Notes

Thinking about leaving your job? We get it, we’ve all been there. Maybe you’re unhappy, stressed, or overworked. Maybe your job treats you phenomenally, you have great benefits, great work hours but, something’s missing. Choosing to stay at or leave...