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Therapists Uncut Podcast

Jun 26, 2023


Returning guest John-David Brown shares his experience of recognizing and navigating the subtleties of homophobia in the corporate workplace, including experiencing sexuality-based microaggressions, gaslighting, and feeling othered. John-David also shares how his ongoing reflection, inner work in therapy, and positive experience in a supportive workplace have helped him understand and process these past experiences, allowing him to focus on learning and growing as a leader in his organization.


Interview with John-David Brown

John-David Brown is a 35-year-old technologist living in Los Angeles, where he leads product development for Perry Street Software, makers of queer dating apps SCRUFF and Jack'd. He studied politics at Cornell University and has primarily worked in technology during his professional career. He loves music, traveling, and his cat Governor.

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What is the Therapists Uncut Podcast:

The Therapists Uncut Podcast is a light-hearted, informative self-help podcast for grown-ups. It is hosted by off-the-clock therapists hoping to validate your experiences, normalize therapy and therapists, and help you prioritize your mental health.


Who are the Therapists Uncut Podcast Co-Hosts:

Nik Young is co-host of Therapists Uncut and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Nik keeps it personable and professional. Yet, always manages to keep the Therapists Uncut family and followers laughing. You may find them squirreling through topics, stories, or jokes, and all in good fun. Don't worry because someone will bring Nik back around to the conversation. Nik is a licensed marriage and family therapist in their private practice located in Modesto, CA, and is also a Crisis Junkie at heart. In addition to being co-owner of a group private practice, Nik is also a crisis clinician responding to local mental health crisis and emergencies. Learn more about Nik Young at

Alyssa Najera is co-host of Therapists Uncut and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Alyssa is typically calm and composed on most days, but often has difficulty containing her excitement about the little things in life. She loves to laugh, spread positivity, and is often caught with a smile on her face. Alyssa is also a former Child Welfare Services social worker, supervisor, and sexual abuse forensic interviewer. Alyssa Najera is now a trainer, consultant, and CEO of a group private practice in the small town of Oakdale, CA. Learn more about Alyssa Najera at or



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Therapists Uncut is a production of AMP Smart Business.

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